May 22 - 24, 2016
Trump International Beach Resort, Miami, Florida

Paul Adams

EverEdgeIP Global

11:00 The Most Important Assets in Your Organization: What CLO’s Need to Understand about Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Today

In 1975 intangible assets accounted for 16% of corporate value, today it is over 80%. Never before have intangibles - confidential information, patents, brands, data, content, code and innovation - been as commercially critical, financially valuable or strategically fundamental to business strategy and bottom line performance.

Yet intangible assets and intellectual property remain a challenging area for CLOs today. Patents and trademark portfolios too often grow out of control, connecting intangible assets to specific business outcomes is challenging and intellectual property monetization is more difficult in practice than theory.

Join two of the world’s top intangible asset strategists as they examine three issues critical to CLO’s and intellectual property today:

  • Rationalizing IP spend to improve ROI: Intellectual property spend is notoriously inefficient: the USPTO’s own data shows 97% of patents never make any money. Patent and trademark portfolios frequently become significant and impenetrable cost-centers. Yet intellectual property can also be the “Rembrandt in the attic” that releases significant value. What can CLOs do to effectively rationalize intellectual property spend, improve efficiency and generate returns on historical investments in intellectual property?
  • Connecting innovation to bottom line reality: Instinctively we understand that innovation is a critical driver of company performance yet there is no causal relationship between R&D or intellectual property spend and stock price performance. Learn how the CLO plays a critical role in connecting R&D and intangible assets to tangible outcomes: to margins, market share and ultimately stock price.
  • Transfer Pricing: Over 60% of all international trade is in intra-company transfer payments, the majority of which are justified by intangible assets (management processes, brand, data, content and patents). Failing budgets are driving national governments to turn their attention to these arrangements. This topic will address what CLOs need to understand about managing intellectual property strategy in a changing transfer pricing environment

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