May 22 - 24, 2016
Trump International Beach Resort, Miami, Florida

Martin Mayne, Esq

Senior Director

14:40 Scaling the Legal Department for Global Regulatory Demands without Breaking the Bank: Are Maturity Models Even the Model?

Year over year, GC’s are expected to maintain the same or greater performance levels while dealing with reducing budgets, increasing global regulations and a company culture that may be out of control in terms of risk management.

According to the narrow model GC’s have budget pressures to manage risk, improve compliance, save time, increase efficiencies and achieve the best legal outcomes. Typical pathways are increased through the use of data and technology to improve processes, increase productivity and deliver budgeted results.
Benchmarking against Maturity Models and consistently optimizing the operations are necessary processes to function in a data-driven world and the function has to have the dedicated talent to drive all of that forward all of the time; it can’t be a secondary or tertiary duty for someone who has the time once or twice a year as it will never happen. But given the backdrop of seemingly out of control company cultures, like e.g., Walmart’s expansion in Mexico, BP in the Gulf of Mexico, and most recently VW’s emissions manipulations, perhaps it’s time to invert the circumstances and make the legal function a for-profit subsidiary tasked with generating revenue and allowed to keep whatever returns it can generate on its budget.

How the C-Suite can continue to demand budget cuts and treat the legal function as a loss center while simultaneously engaging in multibillion dollar fraud and corruption on the other hand demands some introspection on the part of GC’s:
  • How well is your legal department benchmarking against maturity models?
  • Do you have dedicated talent for this ongoing process?
  • What is the company culture regarding fraud and corruption?
  • Is the legal function compromised, or subject to ‘business capture’ in the sense of regulatory capture, meaning subservient to business outcomes regardless of the risk to individuals and the enterprise?
  • How can/will you manage the conflict between narrow maturity models and business capture of the function and impact on your budgets?

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