May 22 - 24, 2016
Trump International Beach Resort, Miami, Florida

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Chief Legal Officer Survey 2015

New! Survey of Chief Legal Officers including budgets, areas of investment, solutions that require immediate attention and more.

2016 Chief Legal Officer Sponsorship Prospectus

Interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities for the Chief Legal Officer Exchange? Get an introduction to our Exchange model, see some of the options we offer, and learn why this is a wise investment all in one place ...

NEW! 2015 Chief Legal Officer Exchange Post Event Report

In this report you will find themes from the 2015 Chief Legal Officer Exchange, an overview of the attendees, previous sponsors, previous speakers and an exclusive sneak peek at the 2016 edition.

NEW! The Diversity and Inclusion Program Problem: An Interview with Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer and SVP of Corporate Development at Newegg

It seems that every human resources department across the nation is abuzz with a need to include diversity and inclusion programs into hiring practices. Are there problems with these programs and are these programs really beneficial to the companies that implement them? Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Office ...

Employment Regulations: Navigating NLRB policies An Interview with Ron Peppe, Vice President of Legal & Human Resources, Canam Steel Corporation

In this interview, Ron discusses recent aggressive targeting by the NLRB, how new policies affect employee/employer bonds, and the most confusing policies for HR executives. He also discusses his priorities for 2016-2017.

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Regulation & Compliance: An Interview with Adam Kokas, Atlas Air Worlwide

Adam Kokas, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Human Resources Officer and Corporate Secretary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, discusses global regulations and corporate compliance.

Monetizing IPR Challenges: Is there actually anything wrong with it? An interview with Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer and SVP of Corporate Development at Newegg - Part I

It is no secret that Hayman Capital has recently become the source of much controversy in the realm of patent litigation. Hayman Capital, with the help of IP Navigation Group led by CEO Erich Spangenberg, has been making a great deal of money through Intellectual Property Right (IPR) challenges. With...

Monetizing Patents and Patent Reform: Why IPR Challenges are a necessary function. An interview with Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer and SVP of Corporate Development at Newegg - Part II.

In Part I of the interview, Lee discussed the fundamental reasons why the controversy surrounding the monetization of IPR Challenges by Hayman Capital and Erich Spangenberg, is not fully warranted. In this final portion of the interview, Lee further discusses the need for IPR challenges, the monetization of patents, the...