Welcome to the 4th Annual Chief Legal Officer Exchange

We are moving into a new era in which everything will change, not just climate. Everyone and every business will be affected from one end to the other. The capture and movement of data is currently up in the air as a result of the invalidation of the EU Safe Harbor provisions, with quick resolution already dashed, and China’s laws and enforcement around data making many business processes difficult. Business facilitation payments are up globally, creating the conditions for increased litigation forthcoming.

The Exchange will be animated by recent events, i.e., how did “Dieselgate” happen at Volkswagen? What did Legal know and when did they know? How do you, can you, foster a risk aversion culture as part of your pre-litigation strategy without becoming the sales prevention department and still help the company get after the business at hand? Is your organization prepared for climate-oriented regulations and disruptions? Join us to network and benchmark with your senior colleagues on these major issues and more. Seating is limited.

What's New for 2016?

Hot topics this year include:


Global Data Privacy Management: Changes on the Horizon? Legacy Systems and Operations will be modernized and change.


US and China Ensnared in Regulatory Cold War: Data an Issue: Can US and Chinese regulators find common ground on data, privacy and commerce?


Where and How does Data Privacy Exist Anymore? Some of the laws governing the process by which the federal government gains access to electronic data are nearly 30 years old before the modern internet existed.


“Shouldn’t We Get a Patent For That?” Bridging the Divide between Innovation and Business: Closing the gap between business theory and intellectual property frameworks.


Counseling the C-Suite: Best Practices in Recruiting and Compensating the GC: Recruitment and retention of one of your top paid executives.


Scaling the Legal Department for Global Regulatory Demands without Breaking the Bank: Are Maturity Models Even the Model?


Driving the Business/Legal Alignment in the Innovation Stage: While disruptive technological innovations have recently transformed other industries, transportation has remained stagnant for decades. Crumbling, overburdened infrastructure causes congestion and delays that cost the nation $1 trillion annually.


Moving the Needle on Diversity and Inclusion Programs amid a Regressive Social Environment

What Distinguishes this Event?

The Chief Legal Officer Exchange presents the opportunity for delegates to network and build partnerships with peer level professionals, while learning new ideas and strategies that they can replicate within their own organizations, to build a best practices culture. Our exchange has the following distinguishing features:

  • Brain Weave® discussions
  • Exclusive senior level attendance
  • Strategic conference sessions
  • Customized itinerary
  • One-on-one business meetings

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